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After a week of WiFi issues we’ve opted on hardwiring everyone to eliminate or at least minimize connectivity issues within our home.
We were asked what do people who aren’t familiar with these solutions do?
Doug’s response: they go on Facebook to complain.
🤷🏻‍♀️ sounds accurate
All jokes aside, we did have a chat with our kids about the blessing that it is to have these things within our own home. Make no mistake it’s an investment.
We shared an image that was circulating where the kids are on the sidewalk doing their class work. We reminded them that they should have grace and recognize the small blessings that these conveniences are… even when they seen inconvenient.
Maybe some adults can recognize the same.

Items purchased include a LOT of Ethernet wire, an 8 port switch, and usb to Ethernet adapters.

Happy Sunday.


Mother, wife, teacher firewalker.

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