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Teaching to Serve

Guess how I spent my morning?!

That’s right another drive by collection, this time in preparation for our April service project.
I do get strange looks from people in the parking lot when they see students hop off their cars to place their donations in my car… but this has been the best solution for me.
From here, Doug and I will assemble 65 Easter boxes and stuff them with the goodies the kids dropped off and deliver to a local adult day care facility next Friday.
I’m proud to say that we have successfully completed a community service project every month this school year, which is no easy feat during a pandemic.
I am incredibly grateful that the parents have found it in their hearts to allow participation to even occur.

I will continue to say that the ability to serve doesn’t/shouldn’t stop and if it is within your ability to do so, please do. Time is as valuable as money.

Wishing everyone a happy Saturday!