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Tolmans are starting a new season!

We are truly starting a new season in our home with the way that we teach, parent and basically navigate this new space that life has provided. We are having the big discussions regarding the decisions being made by those around us and how that affects those of us who actually teach. This is an incredibly candid talk about how classrooms are being affected even more unnecessarily than needed. 

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Creating solutions

I am seeing so many educators struggle for so many reason and I decided to create something that would alleviate some concerns. I have decided to add content to my YouTube channel that gives MINUTE long lessons on how to bring technology into your classroom. The videos are created in real time to show that we are heavily overthinking what we need to do for this new and revised version of teaching.

I am both a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer, so I know a little about what I am talking about.I am currently only at 3 but have a whole list of topics in mind.

I respect and value time and learning which is why I kept them short but relevant. Anything I suggest is because they have proven effective and I am not being paid by anyone to promote them. Here’s the link- I hope you find something that helps.

Yours in service.
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👩🏻‍🏫Teacher Rant Not Related to Going Back👩🏻‍🏫

I rarely post my annoyances with online schooling- however- I’m really frustrated with everyone pushing Google classroom.
I get it it’s easy.
But we don’t use Google docs as adults- we use Word, PowerPoint, Sway, Excel!! So why are we as educators not encouraging this as the platform.
Our district already offers free downloads for the students so they can work offline.
I love using Teams- we just finished our summer program where we had a Team for us as educators to collaborate and another for the students.
If you are an educator PLEASE take the time to see the benefits of preparing our students for real life and not choosing something because it’s easy-for you. (Kids can be taught-my students have been using Teams and OneNote for a few years now)
As educators/teachers we expect our students to learn new concepts even when the content is hard.
Don’t let your own professional growth be limited because it’s hard. It’s really not. But you have to use it to learn it.
And I’m certified in both- so I do have experience with both platforms.
Okay rant over.
Here’s the link if you want you see everything this platform offers.

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School is out…

Summer is officially here. Not really, I’m doing summer school. So we’re going virtual little longer but I’m so fortunate to have a team that I can coordinate with even during these times.

In case people need to be reminded- as teachers we’re incredibly resilient.

As a country, we’re also resilient. We’re also encountering what is an incredibly hard season. Take this time to show your kids that there are good people within this chaos. Explain what is right, what is wrong, and why this is occurring. Teach them to stand up for those who are marginalized. Teach them to serve humanity. Teach them to serve with love.

Teach them that we were all created in God’s image.

Sending Sunday blessings.