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The most romantic words of February 2021

On February 1st Doug called and said, “I’m dropping off our last rent check”

Yup, with less than ten words, my heart skipped a beat and I knew that while we’ve been building a life we would now be doing it in our own home. Our kids would be able to paint their rooms and set them up however their hearts desired. The smallest things often bring the greatest joy.

As for me, I am in awe, of the God’s immense grace. Having grown up frequently moving, sometimes not having a bed, often sharing a room. To now be a homeowner. And doing it alongside a man who is my best friend.

That’s God’s grace.

Even though our first days in our new home were spent without electricity courtesy of the winter storm, we never worried, we just layered and kept moving forward.

My reminder to you is to keep moving forward. Whether it’s through this current pandemics or a weather challenges. There’s nothing you can’t achieve with faith and perseverance.

Our first coffee and tea in our garden room. It was also our first since the storm had hit so it was that much nicer.

Happy Wednesday!


Mother, wife, teacher firewalker.

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